Monday, July 24, 2017

That's What She Said: #4 I Think It's a Sign

Sarah (and her Snug Bungalow) are big fans of a church sale. Apparently churches have all the good stuff. I usually don't fare as well at a church sale, although I did find a really amazing 70s bandana print maxi dress there this spring (you can find that for sale here), and I did get my very favorite ever rainbow dress at an earlier one this summer. Last week there wasn't much of interest at estate sales, so we hit a church sale around the corner from my house.

I'll give church sales credit for this, though. They do have adorable signage. I followed the sign to the adult clothing and found... nothing. Not one thing of even remote interest. Since I had recently bought out Syracuse, I didn't feel too badly about this. I headed to the housewares room, planning to follow Sarah around and be her paparazzi.

The workers there were very excited and eager to help. There was decidedly no line to get in and there were very few people shopping. They were definitely outnumbered by the workers and every few steps someone was offering to help. The lady at the jewelry table offered me a basket for my things before I had any things.

I got a pair of shell earrings, and somehow I forgot to take pictures, so I literally can't remember what other jewelry items I bought.

There were very few weird/crazy items to be photographed.

Sarah and I had some discussion about whether this was an airplane or an airplane hangar. After some discussion, we decided it was both. Apparently it opens up to be the inside of an airplane, but looks like an airplane hangar from the outside!

Everything I wanted to know about Portuguese wine: vinho verde and port. The end.

Drinking vinho verde by the Douro river in Porto, Portugal (August 2014)

Port wine tasting in Porto, Portugal.

A teeny tiny version of the stapler in Office Space!

The tops of these came off and I could not tell what their purpose was. Maybe a vase??

The standout of this particular sale were the table signs. These signs were definitely made by 2 different people. You could tell by the fonts. The normal fonts were normal signs, like "Housewares", etc. The comic sans font signs were made by someone who had a little more fun with it.

Do people actually still want to be Martha Stewart?

Ah, nostalgia.

What a marketing slogan!

I mean, it's very easy to get confused.

Not just beautiful linen.... even more of them!

I might have to politely disagree here...

Like the linens, but all on one sign.

Descriptive and instructional.

They ran out of sayings (or just forgot to make one) for the pet table, so they just stuck a whole bunch of pet toys up on a stick. 

As we were leaving, I did make one other impulse buy.

Last summer, I may or may not have broken the ceiling fan in the spare bedroom/Etsy studio while carrying my dress form across the room. I smacked it right into the moving blades and one of them went flying. Now my lucky husband can replace it!

This adorable courtyard was near the checkout. Did you know that the colorful containers the plants are in are in fact not called doggy pools? I'd honestly forgotten they had another name, but Sarah burst out laughing when I referred to them as such.

We decided to go to a neighborhood sale on the other side of the city. I don't think either of us wound up buying anything at all, but we did enjoy seeing this child's sized mid-century chair.

And we were baffled by these. This may have been the point where we decided we'd had enough. Either there was a box full of bride/groom mice, or we were losing it. Going for lunch seemed like the safest choice.

Incidentally, I was rocking my 70s dress from Jane Vintage here in Rochester. I'd decided I needed to own it when I was watching That 70s Show one evening, and saw the exact same dress on the shop's Instagram feed. Fate!


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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Salvo Wednesday: I Think I Bought Out Syracuse. Again.

Since I started this blog, I've made it an annual tradition to visit a different area Salvation Army on every Wednesday during my summer vacation. At first this just meant the most immediate stores. At the time, there were 4 in Rochester and its closest suburbs (Greece, Irondequoit, Henrietta, and the "Hidden City Salvo" as I have dubbed it). Irondequoit closed down a few years ago, much to my disappointment, so now I only have 3 in the immediate Rochester area. I also visited the slightly-more-distant stores in Canandaigua, my hometown of Dansville, my mother-in-law's town of Auburn, and on vacation, Atlantic City

This has snowballed in years since, and my visits have expanded to include other nearby cities. I now do all of the above (minus Irondequoit and substituting in whatever town we're visiting on vacation for Atlantic City), plus Seneca Falls, Geneva, Newark, Batavia, BathBuffalo (did not enjoy, will not be repeating), and one of my personal favorites, Syracuse

Last year's Syracuse trip came right near the beginning of the summer when I still had lots of energy, and near the beginning of my Etsy shop, when I still had lots of space. That day remedied the latter, and it's a situation I haven't recovered from since. The problem is that there are 4 stores, and 2 out of the 4 (I have discovered after three years of visiting them) are killer. 

This year I started at the 4th store, one I had never visited before. Just to see.

It seemed promising - all the dresses, skirts, purses, and shoes were in one little side room by themselves. Adorable!

But in the end, all I found was one thing.

Super cute, early 60s, and coming soon to my Etsy shop!

I moved on to the next nearest, one of the 2 that had done so well for me on both previous trips.

Immediately this started playing out better for me than the last one!

It's a darker black than it looks in the pic, and it's a 50s strapless dress with lace details and the neckline is DIVINE. I mean:

Look at it. LOOK. AT. IT. Are you dying? I'm dying. Oh, the feels!

If this dress fit me, there is no way I would give it up. Unfortunately, it's not even close, so this beauty will also be finding its way to my Etsy shop. It was slightly yellowed at first, so it's had a good soak and is bright and beautiful now!

Sweet eyelet bodice! So cute! And perfect for someone in a concert choir who doesn't have sleeve length requirements! Any music majors out there?

60s, wool, and the neckline! I'm a sucker for a good neckline.

I only found one thing for myself at this store, but it's such a good one thing. 

I moved on to the third store, already feeling a little overwhelmed (because there were more purchases than the ones pictured), but knowing I would hate myself if I missed out on this store, which has also always done well for me. And I was right!

This one didn't fit, and I was pretty bummed. Such a fun print on this 70s maxi!

I have fallen madly in love with Hawaiian print dresses. This is Royal Creations, which apparently bought out Hilo Hattie, a brand whose dresses are favorites.

Couldn't resist the spring print on this 70s midi dress!

This shot doesn't do this dress justice, and I haven't gotten her up on the dress form yet. It's a 1940s dress that buttons all the way up and has lace cutouts. It's going to be amazing when she's all gussied up, you just wait.

I tried this one on, and it was too big. I love 70s day dresses so much... but I suppose someone else will get to love this one!

 This dress was very exciting, because I'd just bought its almost-twin in Dansville a few weeks prior! Once I got it home and onto the dress form, I realized it wasn't an exact twin, but I'd definitely call them sisters!

Definitely relatives!

I found this modern dress for myself - it has pockets!

And look at that back! Yes!

I found these Christmas Tree earrings for Sarah, lover of all things Christmas.

And these Monet earrings are for me, lover of all things sparkly.

I also got quite a few slips, nightgowns, and other vintage intimates that I haven't photographed, but you can see peeks of them. Here's my vintage haul!

So many good things! I think I held myself back better than I did last year, but still a good sized haul! I think Syracuse Salvos and I are going to be good friends for many years to come!

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